Have You Hired The Right Snow Removal Contractor?


Do you question whether you’ve hired the right Snow Removal Contractor?

The 2018/2019 snow season so far has created many challenges. The Chicagoland area has received approximately 35” of snow to date. Much of that snow has come in long drawn out storms instead of falling all at once. This extended timeframe takes its toll on the labor force as well as equipment, supplies and support staff. To compound the problems, we’ve also experienced what scientists call a polar vortex. Temperatures have been extremely cold and have made starting machines and equipment difficult or even impossible.

The point is, given all the difficulties with an extraordinary snow season like we’re currently experiencing, how has your snow removal contractor handled it? Have they stopped taking your phone calls? Have they made excuses? Have they performed given the circumstances? Have they partnered with you as a customer? Have they been responsive and ultimately accountable?

Perhaps your contractor has done the best that they are capable of. Or perhaps it’s time to make a change. Sometimes the worst situations expose our true character. What is the true character of your current vendor during this challenging snow season?

Countryside Industries, Inc. is a 43 year old family owned company that prides itself on creating partnerships with their clients both in Snow Removal and Landscape Maintenance. We are available to visit your property and perform a no-charge evaluation of your current services. This will help you determine whether you are spending your facility maintenance dollars in the appropriate places. Many times, we’ve been able to save our clients money by directing those dollars into the proper places.

Request a quote or give us a call at (847) 487-3903 to schedule a no-obligation site visit. We guarantee that you’ll be happy you made this call.